Devin AIR – partner of Vinaria 2016

Devin AIR – partner of Vinaria 2016


The new mineral sparkling water Devin AIR was chosen as the official water partner of the wine exhibition Vinaria 2016, to support tastings of wines and other alcoholic beverages. For the first time in the history of the exhibition, a partner of the initiative is mineral water, which can be tasted on site in addition to the wine selection. Devin AIR was chosen with the assistance of the Association of Sommeliers in Bulgaria and provided over 5000 liters of water for professional use during the event.

Sommeliers recommend that tasting and consumption of wine and foods is accompanied by sparkling water with fine, soft and possibly natural carbonation, such as Devin AIR. This water refreshes the senses after each sip, highlighting the aromas and flavors of the consumed products.

The prestigious wine exhibition “Vinaria” is held annually to honor the best achievements in the field of winemaking. The exhibition gathers leading companies from key sectors related to the cultivation of vineyards and wine and spirits production. Each year, the event becomes a center for the exchange of information, innovations and technologies in the industry through a series of events – conferences, seminars, presentations and meetings which are included in the program of the exhibition.

Devin AIR participates in the prestigious contest Superior Taste Award 2016
April 15, 2016
World Wine Contest to partner for the first time ever with a Bulgarian mineral water – DEVIN
May 6, 2016