On the occasion of March 22, the World Water Day, nearly 50 volunteers distributed bottles of DEVIN Mineral on the central locations in Sofia. The one-day initiative was held as part of the joint campaign of DEVIN and The Art of Living Foundation in Business Park Sofia, Students Town, National Palace of Culture and Bulgaria Boulevard.

On the Water Day more than 1,300 bottles of DEVIN Mineral were distributed together with educational materials on the healthy hydration. Facebook users were invited to take part in a special Facebook game where they had to upload their photo of bottled water with a hashtag #yourbodyiswaterandlove.

Nearly 75% of human body consists of water. It is responsible for all body processes and for the proper metabolism. Hydration helps our overall health condition, gives us energy and power, and improves our mood and mental and psychical resistance.

The recommended water intake depends on the individual needs of each organism but the average quantity for adults is around 1.5 – 2 liters per day.

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