68% of Bulgarians admit they would like to lose weight in order to look in a good physical shape for the summer. Every fourth Bulgarian is not satisfied with his body, a recent survey conducted by Alfa Research in May 2017 among the urban population in Bulgaria shows.

Fear of obesity is a problem for ¾ of women and for over half of men in the country. Nearly 40% of women are worried about showing on the beach in swimsuits and generally want to improve their figure, while this percentage for men is only 17%.

The three most popular ways to tackle extra kilograms among Bulgarians are: observing special diet; increased physical activity and sufficient water intake. 76% of respondents believe water also helps improve health condition. Men say that in the summer they drink an average of 2.6 liters of water, while women drink nearly 2.1 liters. For comparison, in the wintertime water consumption is almost half as low.

“The World Health Organization recommends consuming up to 2.9 liters for men and up to 2.2 liters for women during the summer period. The necessity for regular and balanced diet is valid in any season, but in the summer it’s good to take enough liquids, do sports and spend more time in nature”, Dr. Rayna Stoyanova, a dietitian and expert on healthy diet, comments.

Experts claim we can take off a few pounds just by replacing all other drinks – alcoholic, non-alcoholic or sweet soft drinks – with water. It’s a pure, natural product and does not contain calories. In addition, water purifies the body, helps to eliminate the unnecessary substances and degrades fat naturally.

Water is an essential part of any complex diet program. It’s recommended to drink a glass of water 15-30 minutes before eating and 1-1.5 hours after that.

According to Dr. Stoyanova, the increased water intake not only purifies human body but also leads to better mood and overall spirit. And when, if not in the summer, to enjoy the perfect shape?

* Data from a survey conducted by Alfa research in May 2017 among adult population in the major Bulgarian cities

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