Nearly 80% of Bulgarians would like to spend more time in the mountain. Pure air, tranquility and the ability to recharge from the everyday stress in the city are the main reasons that make urban people look for contact with nature, which is lacking for over 2/3 of Bulgarians, a recent study conducted by Alfa Research in March 2017 among urban population in Bulgaria shows.

The main reasons for this trend are the fatigue of the busy life in the city, the constant stress and the need to rest in nature and recharge in order to cope more easily with the everyday challenges.

Mountain is associated with pureness, calmness, healthy lifestyle and a place where we can receive power from the nature. It is also a symbol of pure water – 69% of people prefer to consumer bottled water that comes from a natural source in the mountain.

Over 38% of Bulgarians go to the mountain once or twice per year, and would like to escape more often from the busy life in the city. The lack of free time (for 62%) and finances (for 35%) are among the main reasons people do not spend enough time in the mountain.

The mountain is mostly visited with the family (for 64% of respondents) and with friends (for 31%). Only 6.5% of the respondents spend their spare time in the mountain alone.

More and more Bulgarians prefer a trip to nature as a way to rest on the weekends. The predominant part of Bulgarians (53.8%) choose to rest on both the mountain and the sea; 26.4% plan their vacation entirely in the mountains, while those who want to rest only on the sea are only 19.8%. The main factors for the holiday planning are household finances, leisure time and the preferences of the children in the family.

* Results from a survey conducted among adult population in the major Bulgarian cities in March, 2017

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