Companies in Devin will train the next generation of automation technicians

Companies in Devin will train the next generation of automation technicians


Nine children begin their professional development in a new, specialized class at the Alexander Stepanovich Popov Professional High School of Electrical Engineering in Devin. This year the school starts a dedicated class in the field of “Automation of continuous production” for the completion of secondary education with the third degree of professional qualification. Among the subjects taught in the program there are classes in digital circuits, technical means of automation, theory of automatic regulation, electrical machines and apparatus and others. Graduates of the Automation Technician’s Degree will be able to organize and control activities for the maintenance and operation of technical devices within different types of automated systems.

This opportunity is realized with the support of the three largest production companies registered in the territory of Devin Municipality – the leader in the bottled water market in Bulgaria Devin EAD, the mineral water bottling plant TPK Mihalkovo and the Mechanical Plant. The profession of Automation Technician has a shortage of skilled personnel in the Devin region and the demand from companies is growing. Also, the profession is protected within the meaning of the Vocational Education and Training Act. The three companies come together, driven by the desire to create a sustainable, hands-on educational program for students in Devin and the surrounding area. They will provide additional knowledge, qualifications and career opportunities for the students in a real business environment.

The three companies in the region will provide a monthly scholarship for each child. For the nine children, paid internships are also planned at the companies’ manufacturing facilities. Talks are underway to provide hostels for students who do not live in Devin. Together with the school management, the companies are exploring the possibilities of repairing and creating the conditions to meet the daily home needs of each student. After completing their secondary education, with excellent performance and mutual interest, children will be given the opportunity for professional development in one of the three companies.

“For 26 years, Devin JSC has been an engine of economic and social prosperity in the region. We are a large investor and a leading employer in an area with traditionally high unemployment. We strive to be an example of responsible leader and have a long-term commitment to the development of the region. We invest in educational and social initiatives, product innovations and new technologies, care for the environment and natural resources, develop and promote our employees. The start of the local high school program is yet another expression of our dedicated care and responsibility for the progress of the local community”, said Thomas Krennbauer, CEO of Devin JSC.

The initiative of the three companies and the High School of Electrical Engineering is supported by the local authorities, the Regional Inspectorate of Education, the school management and is positively welcomed by the general public.

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About Devin JSC

Since its creation in 1992, Devin JSC has been a leader in the bottled water market in Bulgaria. The springs and bottling plant are located in an ecologically clean area in the Devin region, in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, where products with the brand DEVIN come from – spring, mineral and carbonated water, as well as Divna table water. The company is the exclusive distributor of Red Bull energy drinks and Granini fruit juices for Bulgaria.

The company is based in Sofia and has its own sales and distribution network with national coverage. Devin JSC is a responsible corporate citizen who invests in the economic, social and cultural development of society through initiatives aimed at regional development, environmental protection and education.

As of 2017, the company is part of the Belgian Spadel Group, a leading bottled water producer in Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), the United Kingdom and France.

Progressive Awards 2019
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April 16, 2019