DEVIN Spring

DEVIN spring water is sourced from an ecologically clean spring in Rhodope Mountains and comes to you untouched by human hands. Light and soft, with quenching the thirst taste, DEVIN Spring has a unique balance of mineral content and has low total mineralization. This makes it suitable for everyday use by the entire family, as well as for food preparation for babies and toddlers.


The unique minerals balance and low total mineralization of the water makes the taste exceptionally light and soft, thus making DEVIN spring perfect for everyday use, including pregnant women, infants and children.

Mineral content (mg/l)



* maximum amount permitted
for babies up to 20 mg/l
< 0,01
< 0,01


< 0,1
* maximum amount permitted
for babies up to 0,70 mg/l
< 0,05
< 0,5
total mineralization
electric conductivity

Product range

DEVIN natural spring water is extracted from an ecologically clean region in the Rhodope Mountains. It has very low mineralization, which makes it suitable for people of all ages, for every occasion at any time. It is the only water recommended by the Bulgarian Pediatric Association as suitable for infants.


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Pediatricians recommend

DEVIN and the Bulgarian Pediatric Association have been partners since 2007. The Association recommends DEVIN spring for consumption by infants and toddlers. The recommendation is visible on the labels of all DEVIN spring bottles to support mothers with information on the safest choice for their children.



Hydrated during breastfeeding



Why DEVIN Spring?

DEVIN spring water is clean water from the mountains – it is perfect for everyday use for you and your loved ones. It is even suitable for your most precious possession – your baby and toddler…



Children and Water

1. Eating and drinking habits are nourished from a very early age to ensure children’s health in the future. Ensure that you start to develop the healthy habit of drinking water…



Water and pregnancy

What pediatricians say about Devin Spring


Assoc. Prof. Mariana Marinova, a pediatrician at the University Children’s Hospital – Sofia: “I recommend DEVIN Spring because it comes from the purest and most ecological region of Bulgaria – the region of Devin in the Rhodope Mountains – and is subjected to constant laboratory control. It has an extremely low mineral content and can be used without boiling, but if you want to, you may boil it – this would not affect the quality of the water. It is suitable for food preparation for infants.”

Schools for pregnant women, supported by DEVIN Spring


BABY School for pregnant women and future parents presents the most basic stages and peculiarities of pregnancy, nutrition, harmful factors and exercise regime during pregnancy.


Future moms and dads can get acquainted with normal birth, pain relief during labor and surgical methods of delivery. You will be shown some basic and light exercises to maintain good tone and mood, as well as tips for the first and most important care for the baby. The school is led by qualified professionals – obstetricians, pediatricians, midwives, physiotherapists and psychologists with years of experience, who can naturally provide an answer to the myriad of questions that concern the future parents.

Contact information

Sofia: 0884 060730 and, lectures in The Mall of Sofia – 101 Aleksandar Stamboliyski Blvd., floor 2
Shumen: 0888300338 and, lectures every Tuesday at 04:00 pm at the Center for Health and Happiness on 11 Panayot Volov St.


School for future parents “Expecting a Baby” offers pregnant women and future dads, useful and interesting information concerning the periods of pregnancy, birth and first care of the baby.


We provide latest information on all topics. We invite only lectors with significant authority and expertise. We provide practical advice, focus on the feelings and emotions of the pregnant woman and her family, pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, friendliness, gifts and surprises for all.

Contact information

Sofia: 02 962 47 44, 089 449 93 75 and, lectures in CCS (City Center Sofia), 2 Arsenalski Blvd., floor 3. FREE ENTRANCE, prior registration needed. STARTING TIME: 10:30 am.
Plovdiv: 02 962 47 44, 089 449 93 75 and, conducted in PLOVDIV, Mall „Gallery Plovdiv“, first floor above the ground floor (art gallery). FREE ENTRANCE, prior registration needed. STARTING TIME: 11:00 am.


Future parents’ school is the place where experienced specialists will help you have the best start by convincing you that nothing related to the baby is as complicated as it seems.


In the parents’ school, you will make pleasant and useful contacts – with other mothers and specialists. You’ll get answers to all your questions about pregnancy, your fears about birth will disappear and you will be best prepared for your first months with the baby:
• Breastfeeding
• Bathing
• tempering
• first examinations and consultations, as well as early diagnostics of problems
• development of your baby

Contact information

The lectures take place in Sofia, The Mall, 115 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., floor 0, Coffee Room. Every Wednesday from 10:00 am, without prior registration.


At the free lectures you will receive information on the main topics related to pregnancy, childbirth and raising kids, and you will have the chance to get acquainted with the relevant products offered on the market.


Contact information

Address: Ruse, Han Krum Str. 15A; mobile: 0887 999 987; email:


Our courses and trainings on giving birth, baby care and parenting will help you prepare for the ‘Big Day’ in order to feel confident in yourself and your abilities, without fear. All programs of the School are developed in separate modules and are supported by practical exercises, training dolls and videos.


Contact information

Address: Veliko Tarnovo, Marno pole Str. 23, fl.5, mobile: 0887 704 786, 0988 918 176; email:; Website:

What experts say about hydration

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June 15, 2017
13 06 2017-04


68% of Bulgarians want to lose weight before the start of the summer season*

68% of Bulgarians admit they would like to lose weight in order to look in a good physical shape for the summer. Every fourth Bulgarian is not satisfied with his body, a recent survey conducted by Alfa Research in May 2017 among the urban population in Bulgaria shows. Fear of obesity is a problem for ¾ of women and for over half of men in the country. Nearly 40% of women are worried about showing on the beach in swimsuits and generally want to improve their figure, while this percentage for men is only 17%.
February 21, 2017

DEVIN Spring

Nearly 300 parents attended heathy hydration lecture

DEVIN Spring supported the lecture Water and Children hosted by Dr. Rayna Stoyanova. The event was part of the Parents’ Academy initiative, which took place on February 18th in Sofia Event Center.
June 27, 2016

DEVIN Spring

DEVIN spring launches new communication campaign

In the beginning of June DEVIN Spring launched new communication campaign aimed at promoting healthy hydration and regular intake of water in the everyday life.
June 6, 2016

DEVIN Spring

DEVIN supported Children’s Fair on June 1

On the occasion of the International Children’s Day – June 1, DEVIN supported kids’ fair which was held in front of the National Theater in Sofia.



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